What is TheSlap.com?

TheSlap.com was created by students at Hollywood Arts High School. It's an online news (and by news we mean mainly gossip) site. Some of the most popular students have already joined and have posted their pics, videos, games, etc. The site is constantly getting bigger as the word spreads. Every week new people join, so be sure to check back all the time.

Can I join TheSlap.com?

Yes, you can! But since you don't go to Hollywood Arts High School, you can't upload your own pics and videos. Well, at least not yet, we're trying to get our school lawyers to let us do that someday.

So, what can I do on TheSlap?

There's STILL lots to do on TheSlap.com even if you don't go to Hollywood Arts. You can become a fan of your favorite students and see everything they're up to. Plus, you can comment on their photos, videos, games, songs, and posts. You can also create your own profile and save your favorite stuff to your page so you can see them any time you want.

How do I add my favorites to my profile?

It's really easy. You just click on the "plus" icon next to whatever thing you want to save. Then, when you go to your page, you can see everything you saved!

How can I make an avatar?

Once you register, you'll be asked if you want to make your own avatar. If you do, then go through the steps. Pick a face, nose, ears, mouth, etc. until it looks just like you -- or don't make it look like you. Whatever. Your new avatar will show up on your profile page and it will show up next to your comments (if your comment gets picked to be onTheSlap.com).

If you already registered and you didn't make your avatar, just go to your profile page and look to the top left of your page for the link.

Why do I have to sign in?

So you can sign onto your profile page and see all your favorite stuff. Plus, if you comment and we choose to publish your comment, your user name and your avatar will show up for everyone to see.

Why can't I share my profile or upload my own videos and photos?

'Cuz you don't go to Hollywood Arts and only the students here can share their stuff on the site. But that doesn't mean we don't love you, too! Because we do!

Will my comments ever show up on TheSlap.com?

Maybe. If they're good enough. If you post something lame like, "Cool. Nice pic" -- then, no. But if you say something funny, we will most likely post it on TheSlap.com. This is actually a good thing... it means you don't have to read a bunch of boring posts.

When does TheSlap.com update?

TheSlap.com updates ALL the time. We, Hollywood Arts students, are always posting new things. TheSlap.com staff goes through all the posts, pics, videos, games, etc. and let's you know what's cool by featuring on the homepage.