Goodbye iCarly


 iCarly's last episode is NEXT WEEK!  Whaaa? Instead of being all sad about it, we at Hollywood Arts are taking this time to talk about our favorite iCarly webcasts/moments/characters/whatever! That's why this week's trend is: #GoodbyeiCarly 

What's my favorite iCarly moment??? Hmmmm…. Oh I know, ACTUALLY PARTYING WITH THE iCARLY GANG IN PERSON! Did someone say, "iParty?" 
My favorite iCarly bit was when they got that Harper kid to perform on their show. Dude could sing.  
I like the Bra Who Tells Ghost Stories. Which is weird because normally, talking underwear reallllly freaks me out. 
Although I enjoyed watching that one guy squirt milk out of his eye, as a Lactose-Intolerant American it would end badly for me if I tried it. 
My favorite iCarly moment was myself beating Sam in a rap contest. (I hope nobody actually fact checks this.)  
As a connoisseur of fancy footwear, I really love Spencer's light-up dress socks. 
My favorite iCarly moment was when Sam did that beauty pageant tap dance routine. Fun Fact: I actually know her dance partner. People used to think we were twins! 
I am a firm believer that any kind of food can be stuffed into a taco shell. Thanks iCarly for having my back. Spaghetti Tacos!