Inappropriate Hammer Time

There are a few good times to Hammer Dance and a whole lotta bad times to Hammer Dance. Read on to see when doing The Hammer is NOT okay! 
In your sleep. Especially if you're on the top bunk. Painful way to wake up.
I'd say any time you Hammer Dance cuz you like it, not cuz you lost a bet is pretty inappropriate.
At the dentist. When that suction thingy is in your mouth.
My brother did The Hammer in a department store once. Except he wasn't dancing. He was hitting the mannequins with a hammer. The police were called. 
In airport security. Unless you want to be put on the No Fly List. 
In a crowded elevator. You really gotta have some space to do The Hammer justice. It also FREAKS everyone else out.
On a first date. Especially if you're SUPPOSED to be slow dancing. 
At an art gallery opening. I thought it was entirely appropriate. Security didn't and threw me out.  
At a "We Hate the 90's Party." But seriously, who could hate the 90's? It was a great decade if only for giving birth to me!